San Diego




In the heart of Liberty Station in San Diego, California you'll find the cutest boutique store called Pigment. Typically, their entire store is organized by color! Yes, that's right - all of the pink items are with the pink items and all of the green items are with the green items. It makes for a very visually pleasing experience. They have an enormous collection of cute cards, an even bigger collection of plants, and a ton of other great gift items. Keychains, jewelry, women's clothing, baby clothing, coffee beans, cookbooks, homewares, and other knick knacks. This place is designed in such a way to leave you feeling inspired and overall just happier than when you first walked in. 


Head across the sidewalk and grab a coffee from one of my favorite San Diego coffee shops called Moniker General



Address: 2885 Perry Rd, San Diego, CA 92106


All images on this page were taken by Aleisha Nelson, copyright Art By Aleisha LLC.
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