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As an artist, I am obsessed with mixing art styles in my home. I will forever be inspired by the idea that your home is a reflection of you and designing a space you’re proud of is so important. Sharing tips, tricks, and inspiration on the blog felt like a great way for me to explore this part of my brain and be able to share it all with you. Stay tuned for more things home decor here on the blog in the future!

Mixing and matching artwork can be a tricky task. You want pieces to complement each other, not match perfectly. So today on the blog, I’m giving some quick tips and tricks on how to pick pieces of art that work together!


1. Maps + Simple Form Artwork


Here we've paired a Minneapolis Map Print with this simple abstract Green Flower Print.

Contrasting art styles hung next to each other is a great way to build visual interest! Maps contain a lot of details, including lines and patterns so pairing it with solid colors and simple forms is a great idea!


More Simple Form Artwork Ideas: 

Modern Red Abstract Art Print Pink and Red Square Patch Art Print Bouquet Of Flowers Art Print Royal Blue Minimalist Art Print


2. Felt Pennants + On Theme Artwork

If you’re looking around your room and feel like you have too many framed pieces of art, then this duo is for you!

Pennants are a great way to add some personality to your walls and pairing them with a themed piece of artwork is a fun way to show your personality. I love the idea of using a photograph or a drawing/painting that represents the scene you’re trying to create!

Here we paired our 'Make Your Own Luck' Felt Pennant with this on theme Pink Queen of Hearts Art Print. 


More Pennant Pairing Ideas:


We would suggest pairing our 'Pray For Surf' Felt Pennant with this photography print related to surfing!


Here we've paired our 'I'd rather be Up North' Felt Pennant with this colorful art print of a cabin in the woods.


3. Tote On a Hook

No entryway is complete with a grab-and-go tote! Hanging a cute bag on a hook serves as functional art which we are all about! These hooks would look great installed directly into your wall so you can hang your coat next to your favorite bag.

Here we've paired one of our Home Sweet San Francisco Tote with this handmade wooden entry way hook for you to hang it on alongside some additional decor!


 4. Campus Maps + School Inspired Prints

If you're looking for a way to liven up your office space, a campus map print of where you went to school pairs nicely with a colorful art print of your school's mascot or stadium. Not into colorful artwork? Hang this campus map next to your diploma for a more professional look!



For example, we would suggest pairing our Boston College Campus Map Print with this colorful abstract watercolor painting of "BC" with the eagle mascot. 


As always, if you have any questions or comments please submit them below. And be sure to check back soon for more home decor inspiration here on the blog!

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