Here at (BY) ALEISHA we find so much inspiration through working with other talented artists and creatives. Aleisha loves collaborating with individuals and brands to create new and unique pieces of work. 
If you have an idea for a collaboration in mind, please reach out below.





01. Silver Lake Pool & Inn

 Digital map illustration to be used on the company website as well as turned into free informational postcards for hotel guests. For this project, Aleisha worked closely with a member of Silver Lake Pool and Inn's team to design something in their branding colors and that would fit in with the aesthetic of the property, while also informing guests of the hotel's recommended restaurants, coffee shops, stores and bars in the area. 


02. Tierra Y Mano x Art By Aleisha

In 2020, Aleisha did a collaboration with Tierra Y Mano to create a textile inspired by her fine art collection called DRIVE. This textile in particular was inspired by San Francisco and the Northern California Bay Area since both her and Tierra Y Mano's founder were both based there at the time and it's where they first crossed paths with each other. To view the piece for sale on Tierra Y Mano's website, click here.




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