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Hand Painted College of Saint Benedict + Saint John's University Joint Campus Map

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Hand-painted, hand-labeled, and heat embossed joint campus map of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University located in neighboring towns St. Joseph and Collegeville, Minnesota. This map is made-to-order in a color scheme of the customer’s choice and personalizations can be added through the customization form below. This is an original piece of artwork, handmade form start to finish.

This map is only available in 11"x15" and 12"x16" due to level of detail that the campus map design has. Smaller pieces would have illegible building names. 


This product is final sale due to the amount of time and level of detail required to create it. More details below.

You will be allowed to adjust the color scheme, letters style, and highlight some locations when adding a map to the Cart.
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Personalize Your Hand Painted Map

Please allow 4-6 weeks for this map to be made BEFORE it ships. All maps are made-to-order and require a few weeks to be made once your order is placed.
Define Your Color Scheme *
Describe the color scheme you would like this map to be. You can be more specific if order to get the result you want.
City Name Font *
Usually I use a cursive handwriting for my maps, but you can choose a block lettering instead.
Map Border Color (OPTIONAL)
The borders of this map are heat embossed, which means they have a raised texture and a metallic color. If you do not make a selection below, I will pick the border color that I think best matches your chosen color scheme.
Highlighted Locations (OPTIONAL)
You can add up to 2 personalized highlights to your map. This can be anything from a home address to your favorite restaurant or cafe, landmarks or parks - any place that is special to you.
Please list the FULL addresses of each place (Street Address, City, Zip Code) and describe how you would like it highlighted (i.e. with a star, heart, dot, address written out, etc.)
Please let me know if this map is a gift. If yes, then I will not include the order invoice with the package and instead I can include a short note for you (enter what you'd like it to say below)
Please allow 4-6 weeks for this map to be made BEFORE it ships. All maps are made-to-order and require a few weeks to be made once your order is placed.


This is an original piece of artwork created on 140 lb. fine art paper.

A small portion of the map may be printed on to the paper due to the volume of maps we send out, but all colored areas are always hand-painted with watercolors and the borders are heat-embossed by hand. Aleisha also personally labels each neighborhood name and any requested personalizations. 

This map design is available in various sizes - all are standard print sizes, which means they are easy to frame.

Please see our guide here if you’re looking for additional help with framing your map. 


This product is packaged in a sealed, clear and eco-friendly plastic sleeve with a supportive back board. We mail all hand-painted maps in rigid mailers with additional packing to prevent damage while in the mail. 


This product is final sale. Due to the amount of time required to create this map according to your requests, we do not offer refunds or returns for this product (especially if it includes personalized highlights). Please read more about our return policy for hand-painted or personalized products here for more details.


If you’re interested in this map, but were hoping that it would include more or fewer areas, feel free to send us an email here (  Aleisha takes on a limited number of commissions each year and she may be able to take on your project if it’s a good fit and if capacity allows.

Pick Your Color Scheme

This map is hand-painted in the color of your choice. The product images you see above are examples of previous maps Aleisha has made for other customers. 

Please select the preferred color choice for your map from the swatches above. If you prefer a custom color, please select the color wheel swatch and you’ll be able to describe your color choice in the pop-up form that will appear upon adding this item to your cart. Due to the hand-painted nature of this map, any colors can be used.

Add Personalized Highlights

This map listing includes up to 2 personalized highlights of your choice.* Give this map more meaning by labeling a home or apartment address, a major landmark, park, a favorite coffee shop or restaurant, a wedding venue, an engagement location, or a first date spot - you name it!

Upon adding this item to your cart, you will be able to fill out a form and specify two locations you want to highlight with a star, a heart, or another illustration. 

*Aleisha will do her best to accommodate all of your personalization requests, but we cannot promise that everything will fit within the map’s outlines. Before making a purchase based on highlights being included, please determine whether or not your highlight falls within the borders of this map’s design. If your highlight is outside of this map’s borders, it will either be left out or included with an artistic arrow along one of the edges closest to your personalization’s address.


    Each of Aleisha's hand-painted maps goes through a detailed creative process, from the initial outline sketch, to adding patterns and keys, and then ultimately the finished product. Aleisha spends a significant amount of time on each phase of the map-making life cycle and she's developed a routine for how each one gets made. Learn more about how she paints, embosses, and labels each map by reading a page from her journal.

    Discover the Process